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*pokes head in* 

Hi! Okay, so I've been a lurker for a while, but

fushigirockna asked me to post my latest work of crack fiction here, so I gave in, joined the comm,  and am now about to post a fake cut to said fic.

The Title: The Rotting Flame (FR's title- mine would have been Crack-Soup: FMA Style)

The Author:  Me, obviously.

The Warnings: Crack, het, yaoi, mentions of shoujo-ai & yuri, much stupidity, near total lack of anything cannon (this chapter is work/school-safe). 

The Pairings: RoyDante, DanteWinry, RoySciezka, HoenheimRoy, RoySloth, and probable mentions of others.



 The Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to treat the characters as my playthings.

The Summary: A bit of stupidity brought on by a comment from FR. The fic is directly inspired by a meme, and as such should not be taken seriously at all. Multiple pairings.

(This cut does not bleed)

Hmm... people were having trouble with this post being F-locked... I don't know why that was, as I double checked on my journal, and it was posted as a public entry, but the problem seems to be fixed now.

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Oh, hey! It's great to see that nendoroids got a friend to join in on the crack fun. I'm a friend of hers as well. :3 About the fic, though: it seems to be F-locked. ^^;
It shouldn't be... let me check
I still can't believe you wrote this. XD

un-friend lock the entry tho so people can read D:
No... it isn't F-locked on my account... I double checked... Don't know why it did that.