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New member with a bunch of Greed crack!

Hi! I found this place just a minute ago and I had to join. I'm posting links to a bunch of my old crack fics and pics, all variously Greed related (and Greed/Ling. Yes, Greed/Ling is my drug. If someone can prove me I'm not the only one in the world who thinks they are hot, I'll give cookies!)


Title: Beyond the Gate
Warnings: Settled right after the last episode, so SPOILERS. Envy flattening.
Confused fake-cut nr. 1

Title: Of frogs and Xing cuisine
Pairings: hints at Kimbley/Archer, Old Greed/Ling, Martel/Greed, Martel/Dorochet, Martel/Roa
Rating: pg-13, maybe higher, for very bad jokes
Summary: Ling accepts to take Greed, Kimbley and the three chimeras to a typical restaurant. He really should have known better.
Warnings: Mixes manga and anime-verse, OOC. Yes, Kimbley is back in the military and together with Archer but he’s still in good (or as good as they may be given who are we talking about) relations with Greed and the chimeras. AU powers, come to me!
Confused fake-cut nr. 2


Stomachache (Warnings: AU supremely illogical powers, come to me! Ed has a very bad bad destiny here...)

Never startle a Kimbley (Warnings: ArcherKimbley, AU powers etc. etc.)

That's all for now!
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