Erin Lee (supertacular) wrote in envy_lightbulb,
Erin Lee

Soooo there's this website called Lost in Translation that uses Babelfish to translate phrases back and forth between five different languages. ever heard of Engrish? Yeah, this is pretty much Engrish times a billion. 

I was amusing myself by putting through random phrases when brilliance struck! 
So... I put through some random phrases that had to do with FMA! *genius*

Here's some of what I got:

Edward Elric has an arm and a leg made of metal because of a failed experiment with alchemy.
Edouard Elrich gave to the form to the handspike and a piedino of the metal due to a experience that came to lack with Alchemies.

Roy mustang can create fire by snapping his fingers, which is a very useful talent in both battles and arguments.
Mustang of Roy can create the fogos outside, breaking itself of barretta relative, that much benefit in the battles and the arguments.

Edward is so short it's funny, while his brother Al is trapped in a huge suit if armor
Edouard is, is therefore allegro soon he, when the relative aluminum of the brother in the enormous custom the armament is obstructed inside ignition.

Make your own! Go! Use quotes that I can't remember or lines from fanfics or other such things! Learn about Mustang's fogo creation skills and Ed's form to the handspike and other interesting things!

P.S. The site can be a bit slow. Just a warning! :)

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