Lynsey (nendoroids) wrote in envy_lightbulb,


Hey guys! Since it's been getting pretty quiet around here, I thought I'd post some tentacle crack.

Not by me tho. I got permission from a friend of mine to post this here. Her name is hikaru_9 and you may or may not have seen some of her stuff posted on other FMA communities already. Anyways, her and another user came together to create a sure crack masterpiece. Warning, it's a little on the not work appropriate side. Nothing too graphic, but there is some molestation going on. So be careful.

(Follow the fake cut for some lessons on tentacle raep safety!)

Just like to point out, the Roy being tentacled pic she mentions was actually a present for my 18th birthday. XD (which was back on the 1st) So I had a slight hand in this! *feels proud*
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