January 17th, 2005

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I know, I know. Hilary Duff a.k.a. Envy has been created, so, something didn't hold me back. I lost it. Crack is utter health for my brain.

Credit goes to xel_ko for making such a crack that I had to do something about it. To take it all out, I mean. O_o'

Another POP-STAR crack.Collapse )

I feel so stupid.

Please don't kill me~ ;_;
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I recently recieved two VERY crack-ish FMA doujinshi in the mail, and since I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY SO DAMN MUCH, I figured I'd share a few of the non-pr0nish ones:

Click if you DareCollapse )

If you REALLY wanna see the stuff I left out, I posted it in my own journal. >P
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