January 25th, 2005

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Mmm, brains. I eat your brains.

A friend and I found out what really happened to the Elric adults.

Hohenheim had flesh-eating bacteria. That's why his flesh was deteriorating. And while he was engaged [censored] with Trisha, some of the bacteria got inside her and ate up her insides!

The aforementioned friend also took some pictures of a lightbulb, but since she's lazy and stuff (we call her Sloth), I'm putting them here for her. :P

Ed better watch out for that lightbulb.Collapse )

And now, for something completely different. Or not.

Apparently Ed gets a little taller without his shirt.Collapse )

South Park reference: Two reasons why you shouldn't take Ritalin.Collapse )

SPOILER: Spongelrics like zeppeins.Collapse )

SPOILER: The Grapes of Wrath.Collapse )

Ed's so small, we need an electron microscope to see him.Collapse )

Last but not least: "Lightbulb!Envy" in Japanese is "電球!エンヴィー".

Edit: I forgot this! ;_;

We've got .snd in our computers.Collapse )

And if none of that disturbs you enough, then... PREGNANT GLUTTONY IN A SAILOR FUKU! >:O *DIES*.
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