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Friday, March 11th, 2005

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Because FMA crack + The Simpsons = Love
I got one of my friends to watch FMA and we were giving the characters nicknames and he said that Armstrong will forever be Mr. Sparkle. So, I give you...

Mr. SparkleCollapse )

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Ring Crack
I accualy had the idea to do this before the Sadako=Wrath post here ^^; . Saddly the only site that I knew of that had pictures of Sadako closed, so I had to use Samara from the remake. Sorry about that.....

Wrath coming out of a TVCollapse )

Long haired Wrath/Wrath in mirrorCollapse )

Okay...So I lost my mind!

x-posted fm_alchemist

Current Mood: crazy
Havoc Crack
Math class tends to do really odd things to me.

Silent Bob + Havoc =...Collapse )

Current Mood: I just woke up

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