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Sunday, March 13th, 2005

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R.O.D Crossover Crack
I had the idea to do this the first moment I saw Schiezka ^^; ...Though...I was thinking of replaceing Joker with Roy and Yomiko with Schiezka, it wouldn't have worked out....but I desided to make it crossover instead....

She was so stuned that she never herd Joker say that she was in the wrong show....Collapse )

x-posted fm_alchemist

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Lightbulbs are Genius

Oh man.. I just saw the most cracked out thing.

Ever wondered what a lightbulb does when put in a microwave? Like totally right, we all think of that and just desperatly want to know, NEED to know!

Well, Find out HERE! XD!

So genius.. I dead.

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