March 21st, 2005


How school can lead to crack

I had to write a song for my Songwriting midterm. I had just watched FMA, so I wrote a song about Envy, which actually isn't too bad. I was originally going to write about shrimp and flailing Edward.

Then, during my Music Theory midterm, I came up with my theory about Edward. He is really a woman. Think about it- he's short and doesn't seem to go through a huge growth spurt, he gets extremely pissy, and he is especially sensitive about certain things, esp. his height. HE IS A WOMAN, I TELL YOU!

Thirdly, we started a psychology project today which involves taking care of egg "babies". I wanted a boy, so I could name him Roy Maes. But I got a girl, so I named her Riza Winry.

And finally... a slightly crack-ish Envy drawing:

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