March 23rd, 2005

APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky


Here it is folks, the very last piece of FMA! Avenue Q. You may notice that yes, we did cut a few songs due to their nature. They wouldn't work in the context of the characters. (Fine Fine Line, You Can Be The Loud as the Hell you Want, Avenue Q main theme, The More you Ruv Someone and Fantasies Come True.) For some of them we admit to just not liking them very much. Anyway, I'm rambling. If you've missed any previous parts, it is suggested you read these links in order. (It will explain how Havoc came to be a homeless bum. We like Havoc, we really do...he's just so easy to make fun of. )

Everyone's a Little Bit Racist, I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today, The Internet is for Porn
If You Were Gay, Schadenfreude, For Now
My Girlfriend who Lives in Drachma, It Sucks to be Me, Special
There is Life Outside of your Daughter, The Money Song, Mix Tape

Al in I Wish I Could Go Back to DublithCollapse )

Havoc, Ed, Armstrong, Roy and Al in Automail Facility/ The Money SongCollapse )

Ed in What Do you Do With a State Alchemy License?Collapse )

Al in Purpose plus a bit of Post ScriptCollapse )

End Note: Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this series of spoofs. Erin and I really had fun writing these together and singing them over the phone. I’ll be continuing the Python spoofs, and Erin has another musical in mind. I won’t be working on it with her though. We’ll also be working on our own side project, fmaclassics. We’re outlining all of the chapters of Phantom of the Opera so we can get an accurate book spoof. Erin will be taking about a week and a half off, as she’s leaving for England tomorrow. Python spoofs will continue as I find time. (Spring break will give me crack time galore.)
-Meg + Erin
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