August 14th, 2005

Scar takes vocabulary.

Dang, I haven't posted in this community for a long time. I was here when the community first began, as foreordained; some of you might remember this and that horrible thing I wrote (where Ed got knocked up by Lightbulb!Envy; consequently, I never finished it). I withdrew from LiveJournal for a few months, but I returned a little while ago. The Internet just isn't fun without it. D: That's sad.

I actually did this during school last year. I came back recently, looked around this community, and remembered I still had it somewhere. In English, we had to to define some vocabulary words out of a book every so often (I still don't know why they give such easy words to upperclassmen)... and one day, one of the vocabulary words was Scar's favorite. So I decided to inform my teacher...

Yes, this was actually written on my workbook when I turned it into the teacher.Collapse )

I'm a premed student, so I also have some medical-related humor.

Staphylococcus Edwardus.Collapse )

One of the programs on my computer has a dictionary (Microsoft Works Word Processor, if you want to see it for yourself). As an added bonus, I decided to include some definitions I found in it one day:

These definitions really are there. If you have a recent install of Microsoft Works Word Processor, see for yourself.Collapse )
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