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Monday, August 29th, 2005

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X3 i love comm1

hells yes. XD it was a wonderful day in Comm1 today. we'd written essays last week and so today we went over them and how they sucked. so she wants to reteach the brainstorming and organization process and demands a topic. we get a few, the loudest being "cars!" "be more specific" "viper!" "*le sigh*". so i call out "CEILING FANS!", and she uses it XD

so we get to devote a full class period to the wonder which is ceiling fans. and then she goes on to tell us that out paper will be a battlefield, she is the enemy(shooting down our soldiers with t3h evil bloody red pen), and we and our thesis are the general, leaving the main body paragraphs to act as colonels. and so there i sit, trying my damndest not to crack up laughing right there, while thise crazy mental image of "COLONEL ROY MUSTANG; LEADER OF THE CEILING FAN BRIGADE!!" zooms through my head. (to take a step insinde my mind, envision Roy and crew flying around with ceiling fans on their heads) and predictably, as we list off things to discuss in each main paragraph, i name them...X3 ed, havoc and riza to be exact...

so yeah. best. lecture. EVAR.

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Do-Do-Do-Do-Do Inspector Mustang!
Uhm yea...I think Riza makes a cute Penny. But that's just me...also that person in the background is supposed to be Roy, Fear my suckiness at drawing the back's of people...

*EDIT* Added one more piccie that came to mind as I'm watching the show right now...XD

Go Go Mustang Copter!Collapse )



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