September 25th, 2005

ZOMFG!! birthday hijinks

XD hey everybody! first off, congratulate shidoshidamog for surviving another year, aka, ZOMFG birthday time!

but the point of my post...X3 i wrapped his present in newspaper and doodled all over it. CUT FOR IMAGE LARGENESS AND uh...bad crack pairing doodle?? worksafe-ness factor of....uh...weird. *cannot find words to describe* @_@

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I know it's September. But I don't care. XD

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Edit: To anyone unintentionally offended~

i n s a n i t y p r e l u d e \ "I had my Pop tarts today. I am an elated son of a bitch." - RP!Itachi says:
XD Hey Kaira, a bunch of people were offended by your "gluttony and pride are ze uglies" comment... I should have edited that out when I posted the song XD
Envy - Colin wants to grow up to be a goldfish. =O says:
XDDD I honestly didn't mean it in any seriousness. XDD I like mocking people.
Envy - Colin wants to grow up to be a goldfish. =O says:
I love gluttony and Pride. XD
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