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Lightbulb!Envy - accept no subsitutes.
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Saturday, October 15th, 2005

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The Sims 2 is for porn
I come bearing Sims 2 screenshottage~

Hoho-papa's alien babehCollapse )

Hell hath no furyCollapse )

All they need now is the pink sparklesCollapse )

Just in time for HalloweenCollapse )

Shock and aweCollapse )

Pretend that actually looks like EnvyCollapse )

The ponytail mesh looked silly on Hoenheim. I guess he cut his hair? XD

Current Mood: amused
only a little crack-ish
this would be a lot funnier if my screenshot key was working. T__T but alas, it is not, so i'll just have to type up an annoying backstory and hope you find it amusing.

not so much crackish as a hilarious coincidence, but ah wellCollapse )

EDIT: i clicked the banner, and it starts out with "dear height impaired friend..." "WHO'RE YOU CALLING HEIGHT IMPAIRED..." XDDDD (link is here if anyone cares)

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