December 22nd, 2005

full mental

Holiday!Crack, PaperBag!Crack and just Cracky!Crack

Hmm.. sorry its been a while since i posted crack! for shame, me! *tsks at self*

First, i bring you all lovely Holiday Crack, by redoing Christmas Songs, for nothing is holy in the eyes of the Rabid Crack Fangirl

Oh Jingle Bells, Mustang Smells...Collapse )

Secondly,I realized that i have yet to spread the PaperBag crack to this communtity.

Yes. PaperBags. The root of this evil insanity lovely yummy crack lies in an empty lunch bag, a sharpie marker, and someone at lunch asking what to draw on it. I, of course scream out "FULL METAL ALCHEMIST"... and thus the singing scar puppet was born.

Since then, we've filmed about 10 episodes and posted them on lj at PaperBagAlchemy Enjoy the Crack

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