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Saturday, December 24th, 2005

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umm. yeah. I just just JUST got Flash... so as a christmas present to a friend, i made this vid-thing-whatever ->The Edo-Song

It's not at all taken off the llama song. i swear. and the voice in the background? its not singing about llamas because i dont know how to edit it, your hallucinating it i swear. >.~
Part Four Has Arrived!

Directly from my demented mind, I present:

Part Four

And here are the previous chapters:

Part Three (I think this is the best one so far.)

Part Two

The Beginning that started it all

Warning: The reading of this crackfic may result in brain hemorrhaging, pointless screaming, or a compulsive desire to eat tuna. Proceed at your own risk.

Merry Christmas all!
A christmas poem combining a certain Homonculus, and a classic Dr. Seuss Book . . . and the fact that FMA fans are quite fond of their yaoi and the men in the series . . .

How Greed Stole ChristmasCollapse )

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