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Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

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I am suffering from the post-Christmas brain drain. All forms of rational thought have abandoned me- and my terrible cold isn't helping.

What is the point of this, you ask? Well, as they say:

Terrible circumstances beget terrible things.

Fullmetal s-CRY-ed
Long time no post I guess....I didn't feel inspired...But this time, I'm back! and I bring you a boredom indused FMA/s-CRY-ed crossover!

It was bound to happen sooner or laterCollapse )

Current Mood: bored
I don't have much of a life.
Actually, it's pretty obvious I don't have a life at all. I was using a slightly different version in my instant messenger role-play for a few months, but I had a sudden inspiration a few days ago fixed it up a bit.

I present to you... the Alex Armstrong emoticon!Collapse )

I do not sleep...

I love Roy, but I love making fun of him more...This is just a movie poster that I attacked on paint...Enjoy...


Mustang ReloadedCollapse )

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