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Through Extreme....Extreme bordem...ive decided to make a envy lightbulb i can talk to at night, telll my world domination plans, and have picknicts with. 


Edit! Ive went on my first picknict with the lightbulb and documented it...with pictures, Here we have Him poseing near my lunch box ( No i dont thiunk im too old to have a themed lunch box) Do you want so Onigiri? ( i ran outof Eri wrap the day before this :crys: ) I think He likes them! =D he ate too much and has the hiccups, so he needs water. Ho my god! unexpected Visitors! Hungry guys? ( i got too much wasabi on that one O_O ) Envy you got some rice on your face! ( so dose Ed and roy but its hard to see) Envy get out of there! you arent food! You wanna go to the play-ground? Envy likes the slide <- slide pic #2 Hop-scotch Just lyein' around Thats amazeing wheneve ri get on one of those things i fall! ..O_o oh speak of the Devil...that must hurt. What are you doing in that tree? Alright! you can stay just dont fall! O_O ! AH! NOoooo! ( please dont break D: ) no damage...wanna go on the swings? sure seems to like the swing Awee i think hes tired wanna go home? alright ill carry you. The End! ....I need Help.
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