Kasumi (edw4rd_elric) wrote in envy_lightbulb,

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A pairing. o.o

Ooook. I was really bored, and I came up with something while talking to a friend. After watching episode 11 of the dubbed Hagaren, it came up to me...

Alu x Fletcher! O__O

Gyaaahahahaha... Tell me of what you think about on this pairing. >.>
Nyaaa. Alu is sexy. @___@ I mean, some of the things he says are so shecksual, and his innocence is amusing. Oo;

Ok. I'm seriously on crack. Wouldn't it be scary if someone made the pairing of Armstrong and Gluttony? D:
I wonder~

*Spins around on his chair and falls off, crashing into the wall and whatnot.- MEEEHEHEHEHE!!11!!1!
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